Littoral Wisdom

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Start Date: 18 Sep 2018

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 9:00 PM

Duration: 3 hours

Venue: Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre Buckfast Abbey, Northwood Ln , Buckfastleigh , TQ11 0EG › View map

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The “littoral zone” is the landscape (or seascape) between high and low tide.  This coastal space is a location in continual transition and one that offers many lessons for us all as coaches and leaders alike.

Whether working with the metaphors we find in nature or noticing how our language and behaviour can be in flow one moment and fixed another, we can all develop practical skills to promote a more fluid state of mind.

We know that work and life are not black and white, our energy and attention shifts moment to moment and yet we often take a stance that seeks absolutes.  Littoral Wisdom coaching models are designed to explore comfort with ambiguity and develop our ability to retain the composure required to act with wisdom when surrounded by non-certainty.

Incorporating neuroscience and applied psychology, these techniques acknowledge the role of our nervous system within all decision-making, whilst encouraging a deep connection with our environment – all in service of positive behavioural change.

During this session we will dive deep

  • Discover how external location impacts upon your ability to access a personal sense of balance. 
  • Explore your relationship with ambiguity and how this impacts your coaching and leadership. 
  • Embody a deeper connection with your breath and understanding of the nervous system – your physiology truly influences your ability to think clearly.
  • Practice questioning using a range of unique techniques aimed at raising self-awareness to promote greater flexibility.

Lizzi Larbalestier is an ICF Professional Coach, NLP Trainer and mBIT Trainer / Master Coach specialising in marine-based change facilitation. Going Coastal Blue assists clients in reconnecting with awe and accessing what she describes as “littoral wisdom”. Individuals become less certainty reliant, more emotionally and environmentally coherent resulting in aligned business decisions.  A Masters in “ambiguity leverage” and a fascination with applied neuro-science and environmental psychology are the foundations for a highly “a-typical” and emergent coaching style. As a trainer, her deliberate informality and disarming use of humour make her a playful yet provocative facilitator. Prior to founding her business Going Coastal Blue, Lizzi held a strategic HR role, Heading up UK and overseas Stores Learning and Development for WH Smith.  When not working she will be found free-diving, surfing, teaching yoga or bee-keeping.

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