Webinar: Mentoring - The role of the Mentor


Start Date: 24 Jul 2019

Start Time: 12:50 PM

End Time: 1:20 PM

Duration: 0 hour 30 minutes

Mentoring is an important part of developing and nurturing talent in business. With guest speaker and Mentoring Expert, Dean Westwood, (Maximus Training) this session will highlight some of the challenges and benefits of mentoring, focusing on the role of the mentor, how to carry that role and create a positive Mentor / Mentee relationship. 

This webinar is part of a regular series that CMI provides to members. Join here to access the other webinars in the series and many more member benefits.

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If you are an apprentice you can reference this webinar as part of your 20% off the job training.

Host: Danielle Mason, Partner Engagement Manager, CMI
Speaker: Helen Caton Hughes, MD, The Forton Group
Speaker: Kat Cleaver, Assessment Development Manager, CMI


Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

Danielle is an Engagement Manager at CMI and works closely with our Strategic Partners and Universities. A Qualified Teacher, Danielle has always had a passion for coaching and mentoring within the education sector, supporting CMI students and learners through CMI resources.

Kat Cleaver

Katerina Cleaver

Kat is the Assessment Development Manager at CMI. During the day she manages the Independent Assessment Team for EPA, as well as supporting internal and external customers in the development of new products and services. As a Learning and Development Professional Kat has always had a passion for coaching and mentoring. She admits she would not be doing her role today had it not been for one of her mentors who encouraged her to move out of accountancy and into professional development.

Helen Caton Hughes

Helen Caton Hughes

Helen is the Managing Director of the Forton Group, responsible for designing learning programmes in leadership, coaching and mentoring, and a qualified leadership, career and team coach. Helen’s particular passion for mentoring came about because of her belief in abundant leadership – that whatever age or career stage we are, we all have some experience to offer and share – to develop and benefit others.


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