Webinar: What does Strong Leadership look like Post-Lockdown?

Strong Leadership Rope

Start Date: 29 Jun 2020

Start Time: 12:00 PM

End Time: 12:45 PM

Duration: 0 hour 45 minutes

Capacity: 2500

As the world slides back towards some form of a new normal of operations, much will have changed for the foreseeable future (and never before did that phrase seem so fragile).

How should leaders behave in this post-lockdown world?

What will ‘strong leadership’ now look like?

For decades, we’ve seen it as dynamic, confident, demanding, focused, results-driven and focused on achieving – often predominantly financial – targets.

Does that make sense as a blueprint for 2021 and beyond? Perhaps not.

So what will strong leadership look like tomorrow?


Nigel Girling Eventbrite Image

Nigel Girling CMgr FCMI FRSA

Nigel is a highly experienced strategic leader and a renowned leadership thinker, writer and keynote speaker. During his more than a decade at the helm of the National Centre for Strategic Leadership, his has often been a dissenting voice in the mainstream - arguing against a focus on numerical targets and ‘KPI’s while encouraging contemporary leaders to focus on the human and the emotional engagement of their people in pursuit of worthwhile goals.


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