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Man Up

Achieve your goals through improved social media communication

This workshop is aimed at those seeking to develop their personal or business profiles and outcomes by a more effective use of their chosen social media platforms.

26 February 2020

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Workplace Vision 2020 - adapting to the changing world of work

The world of work is changing and employers and organisations need to adapt. An informative and engaging session highlighting how to react to these challenges to improve business performance.

26 February 2020

pathway/ personal development

Personal and Professional Development Mini Conference

The purpose of this mini conference is to assist early to mid career members (and others)in their personal development relating to their work and to help them to consider a variety of elements and options to progress.

03 March 2020

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The Everyday Leader - CPD Network

Most people don’t think of themselves as leaders, but as John and his co-authors claim in their new book, ‘The Everyday Leader’, every one of us is a leader; a leader of emotions, values, behaviours, even beliefs. In his talk, John will provide examples of ordinary people undertaking extraordinary leadership roles.

10 March 2020

Time Management Juggling

Change and Risk Management

Get an overview of the key models and approaches for successfully managing change, and the risks associated with change projects. This is designed for consultants, managers, advisers and business owners.

11 March 2020

London Peer

London Peer Learning - Emotional & Social Intelligence - Managing Talent

The London Peer Learning Group is a friendly place where anyone working or studying in Central London in management and leadership is welcome to join.

11 March 2020

Flexible Working

Webinar: Implementing Flexible Working

Join CMI, Government Equalities Office and The Behavioural Insights Team to learn about the key actions businesses can take to support managers to embed a culture of flexible working across their teams and organisations.

17 March 2020

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Mentoring and Coaching

This popular interactive workshop is for consultants, advisers and managers wishing to improve their mentoring and coaching skills in order to support their clients and/or colleagues more effectively, and to decide which activity is appropriate in a given situation.

23 March 2020


How Management benefits from decision making based on customer insight

Over the last 45 years marketing and market research techniques have been developed to monitor brand success and customer satisfaction.

25 March 2020

member benefits

Webinar: Sustainability in the Workplace

Managers and leaders are vital to driving change when it comes to tackling sustainability, whether that's water conservation or using less plastic, we can all do our bit to make a difference.

26 March 2020