Rules of the road for workplace relationships

03 November 2011 -


If you absolutely must start a romance with a workmate, best stick to these tips…

Hug at home

Keep the intimacy out of the office

Obvious physical flirtation in the office can irritate your colleagues and give the impression that you lack focus on your work. If you are unable to resist brushing up against your loved one, limit it to the odd peck on the cheek.

Serious business

Don’t do it unless you mean it

Many people meet their lifetime partners at work, so there is nothing wrong, per se, with courting a colleague. But meaningless flings are generally bad news: remember you have to work with the person after your dalliance is over.

The truth works

Be honest wherever possible

If you are in a relationship with someone from work, it’s best to be upfront about it. If you aren’t, your colleagues will catch on soon enough, and you don’t want to be the subject of gossip.

You booze, you lose

Don’t make your move at the office party

Alcohol and seasonal bonhomie can act as a capricious aphrodisiac and may affect your judgement. Your festive fling may be fun on 23 December, but your love hangover could last well beyond the new year.

Lost in transit

Don’t fall into the travel trap

Cut out the middle man

Don’t ask colleagues for relationship tips

Whatever you do, try to avoid involving your workmates in the machinations of your relationship. Asking your colleague for advice after a lover’s tiff can place them in a difficult position when they hear the same lament from your new partner.

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