Using protection against impacts of workplace romance

03 November 2011 -


There are right and wrong ways to manage the complexities of office relationships. Here are some handy hints

A relationship in the workplace can unleash a host of ripple effects that touch the lives of colleagues who may not even know the couple concerned. Here is our best-practice guide to good and bad methods for managing those effects.


1. Induction v seduction

In your training programme highlight that while the company does not wish to interfere, it expects private lives to be separate from the office.

2. Proper channels

Similarly, highlight the potential pitfalls of using work email, Bloomberg terminal and so forth as a means to conduct personal affairs.

3. Out in the open

Make sure your office has a culture of free communication, so if problems occur you are the first to hear about them.


1. Interfering before anything goes wrong

Only intervene if you need to, and in this case consider external mediation.

2. Taking sides

The law is designed to protect the person who is being harmed – by harassment and so forth – but you should remain impartial as you investigate the case, and keep the matter as confidential as possible.

3. Attempting to outlaw office relationships

They will happen, and strict regulations against them may only make them more tempting and explosive.

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