What is hot and not for office attire

16 September 2011 -


Kayleigh Ziolo shares some insights into what works and what doesn’t in the workplace-clothing leagues. This could be the start of a beautiful trend

Are you in the hot zone or the not zone? Compare and contrast…

What’s HOT

1. Clothes that fit

No one likes a fidget, so try on for comfort. Men gravitate towards clothes that are too large; remember the only time you need something roomy is when buying a tent.

2. Belts with a purpose

Holding up your trousers and nipping in the waist of a dress are acceptable functions. Anything else is just clutter – leave it at home.

3. Silent jewellery

Avoid wearing anything that produces annoying noises. None of us need any more distractions in the office.

What’s NOT

1. Light socks with dark suits

In the history of fashion, only Michael Jackson ever pulled this off. Socks should not be seen while you are walking, but be aware that they will most likely be visible when you are sitting down.

2. Footless tights

Not only does this “in-between” item make no sense in an office, feet are generally an office taboo. That means flip-flops and strappy sandals are out, too.

3. Dictatorial attitudes

It’s important to recognise when clothing rules goes too far. UBS was recently ridiculed in the press for advising employees to wear flesh- coloured underwear and to apply lotion and perfume after a shower.

4. Awkward situations

A graduate was hired by a large corporation to train its employees in proper dress code and etiquette. One day, as she was stepping into the lift, a man dressed in jeans and a golf shirt walked in. “Dressed a little casually today, aren’t we?” she said. “That’s one of the benefits of owning the company,” the man replied.

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