Meet the Chartered Manager: The chemical sister

27 August 2015 -


The confidence that Chartered Status breeds in a manager can bring great rewards for the businesses that support them.

Here, Insights discovers the story of Emily Smith and her journey to becoming a Chartered Manager

CMI Team

Emily Smith works at the Institute of Food Research as a programme manager. Her journey to achieving chartered status has boosted her confidence and filled her with ambition – something her employer is benefitting greatly from.

The Institute of Food Research conducts pure scientific research, but is now applying it to develop therapies and healthy products – and is currently planning a pioneering new centre for food and health research.

Here Smith tells us about how Chartered Manager has helped give her career a lift.

Chartered Manager has helped me be more confident. My knowledge is based on solid theory and best practice. So I can be sure that what we are doing is the most efficient way to do it.

My employer knows that I will consistently deliver. They know Chartered Manager provides value to the organisation.

Chartered Manager has made me more ambitious. It’s made me think bigger. It opens your eyes to a more strategic view of the world – like how we might take our programme of research forward in this exciting new centre.

The ambition of our new centre is to integrate bioscience with clinical expertise. We’ll translate it into new food products and therapies.

The accreditation has helped me learn about different management approaches in different sectors. It’s made me apply those approaches to the science sector – which might not otherwise have considered them.

You learn not just the right way to do things but also the pitfalls that you want to avoid. Chartered Manager is based on best practice. It’s helped broaden my knowledge and skills.

We are the UK’s only publicly funded institute researching food and health, receiving strategic funding from the Biotechnology and the Biological Sciences Research Council. My employer sponsored me through Chartered Manager.

I’m very grateful for that.

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