Meet the Chartered Manager: The High Flyer

08 October 2015 -


Insights discovers the story of Reetu Kansal and how getting Chartered helped her career blossom

CMI Team
Reetu Kansal has just won a major promotion – thanks to the skills she learned while getting Chartered. She is now working as head of partners and institutions assurance at University of London International Programmes.

Here she tells us about the skills she learned while getting Chartered and how they helped her achieve that major promotion as well as overcome losses in her personal life.

Chartered Manager has turbocharged my career. I recently took on a new job as head of partners and institutions assurance. It’s quite a step up. But the Chartered Manager award has given me the confidence in myself to do it.

I can pick and choose the tools to allow me to manage the team. Chartered Manager makes you manage people well, and empower them.

In the past three years I lost both my parents. Chartered Manager gave me the tools to overcome something that seemed insurmountable.

With Chartered Manager you learn how to enlist support and support others too. It helps you capitalise on change and get the best possible outcome.

Preparing for the award brings periods of self-reflection. It makes you think harder about how you are managing, and how you are being managed by others.

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