Not happy at work? New research reveals how to turn that around

12 January 2016 -


The 2016 Quality of Working Life study from CMI has 5 top tips for improving your quality of working life

Matt Scott

The latest research from CMI reveals that managers are working longer and feeling more stressed as an ‘always on culture’ extends working hours and reduces time available for winding down and relaxation.

To help managers manage that stress and feel happier in their jobs, CMI has come up with five recommendations for improving your quality of working life.

1. Improve the ability to manage change

97% of managers report some degree of organisational change, yet just a fifth see a connection with improved decision making. Focusing on behaviours and measuring the impacts of change are crucial in tackling this leading cause of stress.

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2. Develop better line managers

Line managers have a critical role to play in driving employee engagement. More open, empowering management styles are connected with lower levels of stress, higher job satisfaction and greater personal productivity.

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3. Switch off

Avoiding digital presenteeism means giving colleagues the license to switch off. Colleagues can often be their own worst enemies, and while personal choice is key, options such as restricting remote access should be considered.

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4. Empower your people

The most powerful drivers of job satisfaction are a personal sense of achievement. Where innovative, entrepreneurial and empowering management styles are found, more than 84% of managers are satisfied with their jobs.

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5. Improve wellbeing

People are not assets to be driven to destruction, it is important to monitor metrics such as morale and illness to identify destructive habits. Keeping staff happy and healthy will not only improve their quality of working life, it will also help boost business performance.

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