Ann Francke on Brexit: We need strong and inclusive leadership

24 June 2016 -


With Britain leaving the EU, CMI’s chief executive calls for businesses to provide strong leadership in the face of uncertainty

Ann Francke

In the wake of yesterday’s vote to leave the European Union, we all face a prolonged period of uncertainty and economic turbulence.

This outcome arguably reflects that many feel out of touch with today’s leaders, and a broader breakdown of trust in politicians and business. Leaders in all walks of life now need to respond with strong and agile leadership. It’s vital that the UK reaches outwards to cultivate a culture of inclusiveness and diversity. More than ever, leaders need to bring people together, not pull them apart.

That means creating a strong sense of purpose and listening to people’s concerns. Leaders will be challenged to create clarity out of complexity, to communicate clearly and to engage employees at every stage of the journey.

Next week sees the launch our new report, Bouncing Back: Leadership Lessons in Resilience, showing how managers at all levels need support in times of crisis. We hope that by sharing these practical insights we can help build the resilience we will need as a nation.

Today’s results clearly put an even bigger premium on great leadership and management. And we look forward to stepping up to the task and growing the number of truly professional managers who are fit to face the future challenges ahead.

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