Exam results: parents say employers aren't doing enough to help young people into work

22 August 2018 -

Work experience Employers need to offer more work experience and partner with schools, says the latest CMI survey

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As GCSE students receive their exam results across the country, there are concerns that employers aren’t doing enough to help young people into work.

In an exclusive survey, 82% of parents told the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) that employers and schools should work more closely together to make it easier for young people to get a job.

More than 1,000 parents of 11-18-year-olds were spoken to as part of the research, and many highlighted the need for greater access to work experience. Only a third of parents think that employers are doing enough to offer the opportunity to young people, and more than three quarters (78%) think it’s the best way to boost employability.

On A-level results day, CMI showed that parents want to see more apprenticeships made available too, and were increasingly favouring the mix of practical and academic experience that an apprenticeship offers, over university degrees.

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While employers themselves are looking for students with work experience, the CMI’s head of policy, Rob Wall, says it’s “critical” that parents are up-to-date with the full range of study and work options available to young people after GCSE study.

He explains: “Employability is a key priority for parents. As the key influencer in young people’s decision-making, parents need to be making their children aware as early as possible about the range of options post-GCSE, which will help them develop those skills we know are highly prized by employers, such as management, leadership and enterprise.”

As the professional body for management and leadership, the CMI is helping to raise awareness of new management apprenticeship options for young people. The programmes offer a complementary alternative to academic-only learning, with the advantage of an income, work experience and skills growth.

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