The case against an MBA - debunked

08 June 2018 -

MBAThose who downplay the merits of an MBA often assume that you must undertake an on-campus course and prepare to put your life on hold. What about the online alternative?


A recent article published by Forbes argued that you ‘probably don’t need an MBA’ to get ahead in your career. It stated that the return on investment does not always reflect the two years you spend at business school – and insists there are other options available.

But this sort of argument tends to assume that you are only considering on-campus courses that require you to break your career for a lengthy period of full-time study.

The online Global MBA from the University of London is a completely different proposition. With flexibility and affordability at its core, this MBA can be studied alongside working commitments and provides a whole new set of opportunities.

The following three arguments against MBAs can be easily opposed:


It’s known that employers like MBA graduates for their ability to think critically and solve complex problems. Interestingly, such skills are broadly recognised as characteristic of a British degree, even if you study for it elsewhere in the world.

Some argue that there are other ways to cultivate such skills, such as seeking out additional roles at work: if you are able to gain practical experience simply by asking for it, all well and good. It could provide exposure to areas such as leadership or analytical thinking.

Alternatively, this Global MBA offers five specialist pathways (including one for leadership) to cultivate both versatile and sector-specific skills. Another advantage is that by combining work and study, you consolidate your learning by applying it in your work environment.


It is important to think carefully about how suitable an MBA is for your needs because it’s not often listed as a job requirement. Even where it is required, career coaches suggest that you can always apply anyway (whether in hope or expectation) rather than spending two to three years completing an MBA.

However, this depends how far up the career ladder you are looking and how seriously you judge the competition. It also assumes that your career pauses during your studies.

By studying online, a pause is not required. You will continue to build your experience and you can still monitor and climb the career ladder. Furthermore, the commitment and discipline required to combine work and study may well reflect favourably with employers.


The total cost for a top two-year MBA in the USA exceeds $300,000. Indeed – at the top end of the market costs can be eye-wateringly steep.

However, the Global MBA is available for a fraction of this fee and you do not need to relocate, yet you still emerge with a qualification from the University of London – the world’s oldest distance-learning provider.

Funding options include bursaries for UK and EU residents, dedicated scholarships for women, and an easy-to-complete sponsorship template for those who see a long-term future at their current employer.

An online MBA is attractive because it is economical and efficient. It doesn’t require career sacrifices, and it equips graduates with the skills to take large steps forward in their careers.

With four entry points per year – the next in July – we’re ready whenever you are.

This is a sponsored feature produced in association with the University of London.

Find out more about the online Global MBA here.

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