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Written by Ian MacRae Wednesday 08 December 2021
Translating your in-person communication skills to digital spaces doesn’t have to be hard. Especially with these six tips for managers to master remote communication
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This article follows on from part 1: ‘Four questions to ask about your remote communication’. Read on for part 2.

You’ve already reflected on your organisation’s digital communication culture, but what about you and your team’s remote communication skills?

Mastering digital communications as a manager can seem daunting, but most communication skills translate fairly well from physical spaces into digital spaces: make sure communication is well organised and purposeful; give clear, useful feedback related to performance; learn to ‘read the room’ and actively shape the culture by leading by example.

Here are six tips on how to do this online.

1. Be active on digital communication platforms

If you expect employees to be active and productive on digital communication channels, it’s best to set a positive example.

Show up and take part in the channels. You want to find balance between being actively involved without micro-managing – the delicate balance that takes years of practice for most managers to master.

If your management style involves being present and available in physical spaces, find out how that translates into virtual places for you.

CPD: Become a communication champ

Poor communication affects productivity, engagement and retention. Whether you are working from home, in the office or in a hybrid manner, getting your message across is vital. We’ve selected just a few activities designed to help you become a Communication Champion. Complete three and receive a digital certificate.

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