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UK 2030 needs and deserves the best managers possible

Words CMI Insights, lead researcher Bharthi Keshwara

CMI’s report Management and UK 2030 asks how the UK can confront the collective challenge of lagging management capability

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As the UK enters what is likely to be a general election year, the state and direction of the country’s economy loom large. Poor levels of productivity in the UK continue to hamper growth, with the Office for Budget Responsibility’s latest potential growth forecast having been revised down to an average of 1.62% between 2024 and 2027.

But there is a path out of this problem, argues a new CMI report, Management and UK 2030.

Looking ahead to 2030 and beyond, for the country to overcome its poor productivity performance, it needs more capable, robust and resilient management and leadership.

So how can it get there and what can it learn from other nations? And how can it evolve its own distinct culture of higher management performance?

What can we learn from other nations?

According to a study by the World Management Survey, up to 50% of the UK’s productivity gap with the most productive economies similar to the US is related to management capability.

Countries that score highly for management excellence possess traits that contain valuable lessons for the UK’s management landscape. These include:

  • Markets: A competitive domestic economy with access to large single and international markets.

The USA has the highest management practice score, not least because it benefits from a large, diverse domestic market with intense product market competition. It also leads in global trade connections, with the world’s second largest number of export-oriented and multinational firms. Similarly, around 44% of German firms export globally, making it the world's third-largest exporter.

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