CMI Highlights – 1 November

Wednesday 01 November 2023
The huge impact of CMI’s Better Managed Britain campaign and fresh insights into how managers can support themselves and their staff
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Dear all,

CMI’s major campaign exposing the prevalence of “accidental managers” in the UK is making a huge impact. The research findings have travelled as far as the US and Sweden, and have triggered a massive public debate around the importance of management and leadership skills for the UK’s sluggish economy.

With four in five managers lacking the necessary skills and training before entering a management role it’s hard to ignore the effect that this must be having on the country’s productivity and growth. 

We have been working to get this critical issue in front of as many eyes as possible, from scoring billboards in Westminster to asking the CMI community to share stories of your favourite managers

Spread the word

We want to keep the message of the campaign spreading, so here’s a few ideas to get the message out across your network as well:

  • If you spot us around London, snap a photo and share it with us with the hashtag #CMIAction.
  • Give a shout out to your favourite manager either on this thread or your own dedicated post with the hashtag #CMIAction.
  • Like and share our posts across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X to get the message into more newsfeeds.
  • Share what these new insights mean for you and your industry. Last week, a team at the Centre for Brexit Studies made the case for quality management and leadership driving innovation and productivity in the West Midlands’ automotive sector.

Mental health

With November just beginning, it's the perfect time to get talking about mental health and what we can be doing as managers to support ourselves and our staff. On CMI Insights this week, you’ll find fresh insights into looking after personal wellbeing:

A great place to learn more about evidence-based approaches to wellbeing is Evolve Workplace Wellbeing’s website, with its toolkit, business case calculator, and more.

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