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Wednesday 27 March 2024
Why the trend of ‘Quit-Tok’ is a viral wake-up call for managers. Plus, the power of flexibility – for people and organisations
Illustration of employees resigning

The ‘leaving do’ has long been a staple of working life, but the decisive moment – whether of actually quitting or being let go – has always been a private affair. Not any more. An article in the Financial Times explores the trend of ‘Quit-Tok’, where people film their resignations and redundancy. Many of these clips go viral on social media. Ann Francke astutely highlights why managers need to be paying attention, far beyond any dopamine or distraction. Ann says the phenomenon can be a valuable “wake-up call to leaders about potential management shortcomings”.

People power is in the news in other forms too. New legislation granting staff the right to request flexible working from day one comes into effect in April. The Telegraph cited CMI research showing that hybrid working and flexible hours were found to have the greatest positive impact on managers’ wellbeing. 

That is surely fuel for one side in the get-back-to-the-office debate that’s unfolding in the UK right now. As some organisations try to encourage employees back into the office five days a week, managers are getting caught in the crossfire. 

It’s yet another issue that requires thoughtful leadership

But it’s not just leaders and organisations that need to be demonstrating flexibility these days. According to new research from LinkedIn, adaptability is the most desirable workplace skill. In this week’s newsletter, you’ll find our tips on how to develop adaptability, and advice from a board-level leader who’s experienced its power first-hand. We can also help you deal with a colleague or boss who’s determined not to bend…

Fair and equal

Ann Francke featured in the latest episode of Sally Penni’s Talking Law podcast. They discussed equality in the workplace, and how all organisations can do more to promote women to leadership positions.

If you’re determined to make a difference beyond your pay grade, here’s how to get your voice heard – even when you have only limited access to the people calling the shots. 

Beyond Buzzwords, a report into equality, diversity and inclusion by CMI in partnership with the Young Foundation and other professional bodies, was referenced in IOSH Magazine. The report lays out a series of recommendations on how to approach this important facet of modern management more systematically.

Last week, CMI Women hosted a roundtable with employers on how to close the gender pay gap. The next roundtable will be in April looking at how we can close other types of pay gaps beyond just gender. The findings will feed into a report being published in the summer.

We need skills

As the government prepares to announce a major package of reforms to the Apprenticeship Levy designed to support small businesses, Anthony Painter pointed out how the best economies have “highly skilled managers and a highly skilled workforce across all ages and all sectors”.

Anthony Painter also joined in on the "Securonomics" panel at the New Statesman's Path to Power conference yesterday (Tuesday 26). It was a great mix of individuals representing different sectors – Darren Jones MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Torsten Bell, Chief Executive at Resolution Foundation, Freya Thomas Monk, Managing Director of Vocational Qualifications and Training at Pearson UK and Alona Ferber (Chair), Senior Editor at the New Statesman Spotlight. Anthony brought some fresh insights to the discussion by presenting CMI's latest research on Management and UK 2030, which found that the UK will need to train 120,000 high quality managers over the coming decades if it is to overcome its competitive disadvantage with other leading economies.

Developments in the legal sector would appear to back that up. Solicitors Journal cited CMI’s landmark report, “Taking Responsibility: Why UK plc Needs Better Managers”. The publication argues that  law firms need to foster positive cultures and invest in management training, so they can improve performance and well-being.

And finally, don’t miss your chance to hear Gillette CEO Gary Coombe sharing his sports marketing wisdom in this year’s Maclaren Memorial Lecture. Gillette has long led the brand pack when it comes to associations with the drama and passion of sports, whether it’s baseball razors or global partnerships with legends like David Beckham and Roger Federer. Book your spot




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