Actions from The Everyone Economy: be the manager who makes a difference

Written by CMI Insights Tuesday 05 July 2022
The evidence shows that inclusivity boosts performance. It’s up to individual managers to roll out the action plan. Make your pledge now

CMI’s 75th anniversary report, The Everyone Economy, has one core message: diversity and inclusion are key to ensuring sustained success in business, public service and all organisations. 

But we have a long way to go before we realise that potential. New data released by CMI as part of The Everyone Economy finds that we are wasting talent in our workforce. This holds back individuals, organisations and the economy just when we need it most, at a time of tight labour markets. 

Instead, if we created more opportunities for women, people with disabilities, those from lower socio-economic and diverse ethnic backgrounds, we would stimulate greater productivity and performance in every organisation. What’s not to like? 

So, can individual managers make a difference? Definitely! The process may not always be straightforward, but if you want to be the manager who makes the difference, we’ve got five key actions for you to take – drawn from best-practice organisations that are already taking action. 

And there’s one overarching action that we want you to take as you read and reflect: make a pledge. Pledge that you as a manager will work on at least one of the actions below to help break down the barriers that prevent diverse talent from rising in your workplace, and that you will share the message with your colleagues and peers.

Make your pledge today

Join the other managers committing to implement these key takeaways: Share how you are going to take action in your organisation to signal your commitment and spread the word to other managers about what needs to be done. Let's go!

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