“I love to see people do well and improve their lives”

Written by Claire Read Wednesday 24 July 2024
For much of Paul Jackson CMgr FCMI’s 52 years in NHS estate services, he didn’t have any formal management training. That changed in 2014, when he sought a qualification to find out “whether I was doing it right”
Paul Jackson CMgr FCMI

Paul Jackson CMgr FCMI has encountered many managers during his 52 years in NHS estate services, and he has noticed a consistent theme: that managers often arrive in their role by incident or accident. Indeed, that is how Paul’s own management career began – which is part of what drove him to become a CMI member.

Paul was only in his 20s when he was first asked to take on responsibility for other colleagues. It was 1980 and he was part of a works team serving health facilities in South London, having started his career as an apprentice electrician at a hospital in Abbey Wood. But “a tragedy struck” and the team’s general foreman unexpectedly died. Paul was asked to take over the role.


82% of managers are ‘accidental managers’

CMI’s nationwide study into management and leadership found that a huge percentage of managers and leaders enter into management positions without any formal training.

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“At quite a young age, I was suddenly thrust into managing 46 guys,” he remembers. “I had everything from French polishers to mechanical and electrical craftsmen. We used to act as a contractor to all the hospitals in the area. If they wanted a new roof or a new building built, then we would do it. It was good fun; quite interesting.”

Read on: why Paul decided to take his knowledge to the next level


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