Three attributes all leaders need to survive in the age of ChatGPT

Written by Taranjeet Singh CMgr CCMI Wednesday 28 June 2023
ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in the world with unprecedented power, yet 62% of managers told CMI they have never used it. Avoid it, and you risk being a “casualty” of AI, says Taranjeet Singh CMgr CCMI
Chat Gpt

Over the past few months, the internet has been ablaze with essays, arguments, and opinions concerning how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect the world, from entire nations, to employees and potential of job losses. Articles with titles such as “Are robots taking over?” or “Are our jobs safe from AI?” have done little else but seed fear. 

Meanwhile, OpenAI’s ChatGTP has set the record for the fastest-growing app in the world and the fastest-growing user base in history.

Simply put, ChatGTP is an AI language model that applies deep learning algorithms to generate human-like text output based on a specific given input. The model has been trained on extensive datasets, which allows it to understand patterns and relationships in our language – hence its human-like responses. With over 175 billion parameters, this model has already started to immensely disrupt the world of work as we know it today. 

While academic institutions may be worried that students are using ChatGTP to answer exams, organisations are intrigued by the many practical applications this model can provide – from how to create a hiring plan to how to create an exit programme for non-technical staff.

Want to learn which three traits you need to survive in the new age of AI?


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