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Meet the CMI learners: Komathi S Nagendran

Tuesday 07 December 2021

Komathi is currently studying a Masters with the Universiti Utara Malaysia alongside work where she will graduate with a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership alongside her degree.

CMI Learner Komathi S Nagendran

Internationally recognised qualifications

"I was really drawn to CMI’s Level 7 Diploma, because of its international recognition and value, especially in the US and UK. It is my intention to pursue job opportunities in the international market. I am keen to work towards Chartered Manager status. I can see that it will have real benefits in helping me position myself successfully in the overseas market. My friends abroad tell me that I am looking at a bright future if I go ahead and seek this recognised status through CMI."

Developing practical Managerial skills

"In my studies, I am learning about the reasoning behind certain actions and the processes that you go through as a manager. Through taught theoretical knowledge, I am able to understand the origin of certain Management and Leadership practices.

This is important because it means that I can consciously apply management methodologies in my work projects. For instance, in one recent project I was able to apply a theory from a module that involved mathematical methodologies. It focused on how I would execute a particular approach as an IT Project Manager. I feel that this had a positive impact on the project because we had proper scope and reasoning behind our actions, which led to a more effective outcome. In my home life, studying has made a positive difference to my time management skills. As an IT Project Manager, I can be scheduling two or three appointments at the same time, and so you tend to use project management methods to reason your scheduling of commitments. This is a really useful process to apply outside of my work."

Staying career focussed

"I have been in the automotive industry for the last five years. I view this degree accredited by CMI as a means to accelerate my career as an IT Project Manager. This course will hopefully impact my prospects, from my current position to middle management and beyond. As a long-term goal, I am also looking at owning a business. I wanted to gain the necessary business knowledge, and I feel that this course has set me on the path to this aim. So far, this course has been a challenge that I have really enjoyed. It has kept my mind active and enabled great opportunities for self-development."

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