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Meet the Chartered Manager: the Quick Learner

Monday 29 October 2018
Andrew Anderson Has Used an Apprenticeship to Give Him an Edge in a Competitive Sector
Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson refused to let the recession thwart his professional aspirations when he found himself unemployed during the financial crash of 2008. He had mastered the “core basics” of banking and looked for another opportunity to get ahead.

Fast-forward ten years and Anderson, 31, has enjoyed progression within the industry. He’s been a research analyst at HSBC, and worked with the client onboarding team at Credit Suisse. In 2016 he joined his current firm ICBC Standard Bank Plc, and just one year into his job his manager suggested he embark on a Level 5 apprenticeship to boost his leadership skills. Keen to take on a management role, Anderson jumped at the chance.

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New Challenges

Today, Anderson is team lead within the client onboarding team at ICBC. Placed within the high-pressure environment of the bank’s trading floor, his responsibilities involve looking after the daily activities of his team, located in London and Asia. Anderson explains that the course could not have come at a better time: “There are genuine learnings that I can apply straight away,” he says.

The Benefits of an Apprenticeship

The emphasis on goal-setting taught as part of the apprenticeship has been particularly valuable. In line with his organisation’s values, he’s set his team targets and is monitoring each employee’s progression. “The way I see it is: what can we do for an individual’s growth at the same time as helping the company grow? And how can we make those two things align?” he explains.

He adds that being offered such a strong development opportunity by his organisation has made him feel more valued. It’s also enhanced his personal performance. “In today’s very fast-paced society, people can jump jobs every year or so, especially in finance. Things move quick,” he says. “If you feel a company is invested in you and they’re looking out for you, of course you want to give back.”

Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

is client onboarding team leader at ICBC Standard Bank, doing his Level 5 apprenticeship with Corndel