Case Study:

Sunway University

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Sunway University in Malaysia welcomes students from across the globe. The university champions quality education, supporting enterprise, and undertaking research focused on key global problems. We spoke to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheah You Sum, Head of Department of Management at the Sunway University Business School.

Being accredited and recognised by CMI helps hugely with student recruitment.

ASSOC. PROF. DR. CHEAH YOU SUM Dean of the Business School Sunway University

Creating recruitment possibilities

"Our partnership with CMI allows my students, whether they are Malaysian or international students, to gain a degree recognised and validated by CMI. They can confidently seek employment with international firms whether in Asia or in the EU.

In these areas where it is challenging to get jobs, my students were successful because of the skills that they learned on the CMI course. I feel that the CMI brand has opened up real possibilities for my students, and has a direct and positive impact on their employability.

The fact that our Management and Leadership qualifications have been accredited and recognised with the CMI carries a lot of weight. This helps us hugely in terms of student recruitment. It’s something that students look forward to having as an additional qualification from a Chartered body on top of what they are learning in their degree study."

Adding tangible career value

"Many students are unaware that they are applying theories from their degree learning to daily work activities. But as a teacher and mentor, the moment you join the dots for them and make them realise that they are actually solving daily operational issues, then students realise how valuable their learning has been.

I think that the quality of the programme is enhanced by CMI’s requirement that we teach a certain curriculum. There are requirements for deep knowledge of theories and also application to solve problems, which I think are the qualities of all good management degrees."

Reaping the partnership benefits

"I would say that there is inherent value in seeking a partner like CMI, which is an established Chartered body. They have already done so many things right.

Communication is vital within this partnership, so that you can reap the benefits. It has allowed us access to resources and materials that would have cost us a lot of money if we had not partnered with CMI. In fact my colleagues are telling me how useful CMI materials are, and our students are using the additional materials from the CMI as well."

Looking ahead to future growth

"I am very happy with where our partnership is at, and where it’s going. We already have many beneficial, useful activities, especially for our students. I am looking forward to continuing to develop our strong engagement with CMI.

My advice to institutions seeking partnership is to go for it, because we have already reaped so much benefit in the last 2 years. I look forward to seeing where else we can go."

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