10 ways managers can make the world a fairer place

Written by CMI Insights Tuesday 05 July 2022
“Manage to add value… Use your power… Expect the best.” Ann Francke OBE probes top leaders on what a better, fairer and more inclusive society would look like – and gets their top tips on making it a reality
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What does a fairer society look like to you? To Justine Greening, the UK’s former secretary of state for education, it’s one where “we all feel like we have a common shot at success”. To Byron Dixon OBE, CEO and founder of Micro-Fresh, it’s one where “we help each other up and help each other to be the best we can be”. 

Over the past two years, CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke OBE has asked some of the biggest names in management and leadership – CMI’s ‘Leading Lights’ – about their vision for a fairer society. 

There’s been a striking consistency to their answers: they want to see a society where people have equal opportunities and aren’t judged or held back by where they come from. 

It’s a place where people show up and they feel comfortable and they see themselves; that there aren't barriers and that actually what we see is a representation of our society and every walk of life; where people don’t need to apologise for who they are and they feel they’ve got a seat at the table

Cindy Rampersaud CMgr CCMI, a non-executive director and former senior vice-president at Pearson


The Leading Lights have also shared their view on what managers and leaders can do to move us closer to a more equitable world.

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Keep reading for 10 simple suggestions for making our society more equitable


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