21 Ways to Create an Amazing Work Culture

Thursday 25 October 2018
Enlightened tips from the CMI/Glassdoor top 20

Our top 20 companies from Leadership and Culture at Work: the CMI/Glassdoor Top 20 have shown us how to emulate their successful employee engagement tactics in 21 easy steps. Read on for thoughtful induction practices; social activities and benefits that could see your organisation rated just as highly.

Award-winning Workplace Cultures Apply These 21 Rules

1. Allow team members to finish work for the year once they hit their annual financial target

2. Put a ‘Please disturb’ sign on your office door to encourage people to come and talk to you

3. Give employees time off to volunteer and support causes they care about

4. Include employee wellbeing as an item on the board’s agenda

5. Hire specifically for attitude, energy and evidence of self-motivation

6. Let staff set their own working hours

7. Before you hire them, get new recruits to come in and spend time with their future colleagues

8. Have regular interviews with new starters to assess their progress

9. Make sure managers visit local, regional and international offices regularly

10. Make sure a senior leader spends half a day with every new recruit, educating them about the bigger picture at the organisation

11. Encourage long service

12. Enable your people to work their way through the ranks to management. Promote from within

13. Open up channels so that team members can communicate directly with the CEO or directors

14. Put your people through leadership training – and mix up the participants so they get to know other team members while they’re developing

15. Provide financial support or loans for new parents, first-time buyers or employees saving for a special holiday

16. Take the team on a ‘teamcation’ trip

17. Close the office early on a Friday

18. Apply a ‘Harvest Festival rule’ that no-one should miss an important family event

19. Test your people on their understanding of your values

20. Have incentivised referral schemes to encourage people to put new candidates forward

21. Encourage your people to ‘add a bit of you in everything you do’

More information on the Leadership and Culture at Work: The CMI/Glassdoor Top 20 campaign are available here