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CMI Policy Briefing: Ethnicity Pay Reporting

Written by CMI Tuesday 14 September 2021
CMI's Policy Briefing on ethnicity pay reporting, which explores what ethnicity pay reporting is, how it relates to the ethnicity pay gap, and what steps governments, employers and managers can take to address it.
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This CMI Policy Briefing explores the topic of ethnicity pay reporting. Ethnicity pay reporting is the process of collecting personal data from employees on their ethnic identity in order to analyse and publish information on average pay in their organisations.

Within this briefing, you will find more information on what ethnicity reporting is, how it relates to the ethnicity pay gap, why it matters, and the  challenges and solutions associated with its implementation. The briefing ends with recommendations on actions that governments, employers, and individual managers can take in this area.

80% of managers agree that large organisations should be required to report their organisation's ethnicity pay gap.

This briefing was created to both inform MPs and Peers ahead of  debates in Parliament on ethnicity pay reporting, as well as supporting CMI members and practicing managers to drive fair, inclusive workplaces.

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