Discussion Papers

Read our collection of discussion papers below which have accompanied and informed these roundtables and include research conducted with our members, asking their views on topics such as diversity and inclusion, blended working and regional skills.

Job Quality

This discussion paper sets out the challenges and opportunities for managers and leaders in improving the quality of work on offer in the UK going forward.

Job Quality Discussion Paper

Inclusive Leadership

This discussion paper sets out the challenges and opportunities for managers and leaders in adopting inclusive practices in their workplaces and organisations.

Inclusive Leadership Discussion Paper

Blended Working

This discussion paper outlines the concept of blended working and how it differs from flexible working. It discusses the benefits of blended working and some of the challenges that need to be overcome to bring about these benefits.

Blended Working Discussion Paper

Levelling Up

This discussion paper outlines the concept of levelling up, the challenges to be overcome in order to ‘level up’ opportunities in the UK and how skills will play a role in the post-lockdown economic recovery.

Levelling Up Discussion Paper

Sustainability and Design

This discussion paper explores how Covid-19 may have altered our attitudes, expectations and behaviour towards the environment, how we need to rethink and redesign our workplaces to make them ‘Covid-secure’ and the implications this could have for sustainability.

Sustainability & Design Discussion Paper

Disruption and Future Leaders

This discussion paper explores some of the workplace disruptions caused or accelerated by Covid-19, and looks at what this might mean for future leaders and the management skills they will need to navigate through ongoing uncertainty.

Disruption & Future Leaders Discussion Paper

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