The Middle Manager Lifeline.

Trust and communications in the heart of your organisation.


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How Can Middle Managers Regain Employee Trust to Ensure the Continued Success of Their Organisation??

Following the EU referendum result, our survey of 1,456 CMI members highlights a disturbing disconnect between middle and senior management.

Read on to learn more about the vital role middle managers play in the overall health of an organisation and CMI’s recommendations to keep the heart of UK business pumping.

5 ways to bridge the trust gap in your organisation

  1. Communications - committing to an open and honest relationship with middle managers.
  2. Integrity - challenging everyone, regardless of seniority, to act according to stated values.
  3. Visibility - ensuring those at the top are seen to be accountable for their actions and open to challenge.
  4. Interaction - creating meaningful opportunities for colleagues to meet and feedback to senior management.
  5. Connections - investing in training and development at all levels to equip them with the professional skills to communicate and manage their teams.

Help us rethink middle management

We’re planning a campaign to raise awareness of the vital role middle managers play in really making things happen – tell us how you’re transforming the role of middle managers in your organisation.

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The middle manager lifeline: trust and communications in the heart of your organisation

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Development at All Levels

Investing in development will help leaders and managers improve how they engage, brief and inspire their teams.
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