Women in the pandemic: Small gains but big gaps remain

Gender Equality Discussion Paper

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world of work. Workplace flexibilities, in the form of remote and hybrid working - that were previously inconceivable for many businesses in the UK - have become the norm.

There were concerns at the start of the pandemic about the impact on women’s labour market participation. But two years on, these concerns have not been wholly realised.

International Women's Day 2022 Discussion Paper

We’re taking stock of progress to identify the actions that employers need to take to deliver genuinely diverse and inclusive workplaces that are fit for the future. But with only a third of managers reporting mentoring and sponsorship programmes to champion the progression of women and only 1 in 5 managers proactively advocating for women in key projects and promotions our research shows we are falling behind.

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As we mark International Women’s Day this year these findings make for uncomfortable reading. We hear a lot from employers about the important, valuable role of women in the workplace. And though there is a lot of great work and progress, overall the figures don’t support the rhetoric.
Ann Francke OBE CMgr CCMI - Chief Executive, CMI

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