To celebrate 75 years of CMI, we need your help to recognise even more inspirational senior leaders committed to better Management and Leadership. These leaders will have overcome significant challenges themselves or will have committed to ensuring a fairer future through their actions.

What do Companions do for CMI?

Chartered Companions are a select group of the best leaders around the world, they are pioneers and role-models. Companions share practical advice with professional managers across all sectors and career stages, for example by delivering talks, lectures and digestible content. They shape CMI's activities, providing thought leadership and directly supporting policy, research and product development - or by connecting us to the right people in their professional network.

Sounds like someone you know?

Perhaps you work in an organisation that understands and communicates its purpose, and the leadership lives the values every single day. You might look up to a particular person because they have broken new ground in your sector, organisation or community and act as a positive role model for others from underrepresented or marginalised groups.

Of course, this might also sound like you! If so, we very much welcome you to nominate yourself. There are no imposters in our community of Chartered Companions, when this accolade is bestowed it is always incredibly well-deserved. If you have been referred to this page by a member of the CMI community and encouraged to put yourself forward, we very much hope you choose to do so.

Main Criteria for Nominations

We are looking for more leaders to strengthen our diverse community who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to improving standards and delivering positive impact through truly inclusive leadership. These leaders come from any size or type of organisation and from any sector or place. However, all Chartered Companions have at least one of the following criteria in common:

A substantive record of management and leadership.

This isn't necessarily all at the top level but clearly on a pathway where the next step will be reaching a senior strategic level.

Significant senior level strategic management and leadership achievements over a significant period of time.

For example, many Companions are Chief Executives, Chairs or Non-Executive Directors.

Outstanding contributions to theory and teaching in the field of management and leadership.

We are looking for inspiring researchers and educators who can support CMI to develop a new diverse generation of leaders and managers who fully understand the art and science of management.

Inclusive representation for an equal future

Whilst there has been some progress towards more diverse, representative leadership, it has been slow. We would particularly like to recognise outstanding leaders who are themselves role models for people from groups underrepresented in management and leadership.

If you are a senior leader, please consider sponsoring those in your organisation who are approaching promotion to the top. It is a great way to ensure that the brightest stars keep shining and join a community of experienced professional leaders.

How can I nominate?

Chartered Companions will feature prominently throughout our 75 year anniversary celebrations. We hope that many of the new inspiring leaders bestowed with this accolade will choose to share their own personal stories to inspire the CMI community and wider society. Therefore we are encouraging self-nomination using this form.

Nominating yourself

Simply complete the following form.

Nominating people in your network

We'd love you to share this page with all the people in your network that you feel meet at least one of the criteria for Chartered Companionship. You can suggest they self-nominate using the form, which includes an option to include your name as the person who referred them to this page.

Alternatively, if this is not possible or appropriate, you can also use the method below.

Nominating others

Simply send the name of the person or people to If available in the public domain, please include:

  • Link(s) to an online biography or relevant article(s).
  • Main current role or roles: job title(s) and organisation(s).
  • A short supporting statement highlighting which criteria you feel they meet.

With this approach we ask that you do not inform the nominee(s), whilst an assessment takes place and a decision is reached.

There is no limit on the number of people you can nominate, providing the above criteria are carefully considered. In fact, we actively encourage you to nominate several inspiring leaders to better reflect the diversity of society.

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    Additional Information

    Chartered Companion nominees are assessed against the CMI Professional Standards competencies appropriate to their management and leadership excellence. Successful applicants are awarded Chartered Manager status as a result of this assessment.

    Before any assessment is conducted the Assessment Panel must be satisfied that the candidate is committed to ethical conduct and practice in line with the CMI’s own Code of Conduct and that they are aligned with CMI’s Values: Professional, Passionate, Progressive and Practical.

    All Chartered Companions are asked to make an annual contribution to the work of CMI through membership fees and direct involvement in our activities. In return the Companions community receives exclusive benefits and regular opportunities to forge relationships with other inspiring leaders.