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Log in To Management Direct

As a member you have access to resources to our online management resource portal - Management Direct.  Follow steps below to access this resource.

Log in to the website as normal. Once logged in, you'll be redirected to your My Account page.

Having trouble logging in? Find out how to login to the CMI Website.

Step 1:

From your"My Account " page click the Management Direct button to login

Image of management direct page
MD page

Step 2:

Along the ribbon bar you have three options

Click on the Information Library, you will be presented with two options.  Select Information Library

1 - Browse by Topic

2 - Browse by Content type

Management Direct Information Library menu

Step 3:

Click on the Learning Resources.  There are four options presented here, select the required one

1 - Study Support

2 - Standards

3 - Learning Journeys

4- Career Development Centre

Management Direct Learning Resources menu

Step 4:

Click on My Learning.  There are two options presented here, select the required one

1 - My Learning Journeys

2 - Continuing Professional Development

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 22.26.08

The "Editors Choice" and "What's New" buttons take you to the latest and most topical resources; the "help" option includes videos to get you started.

If you're unable to access your created account please contact us at:


Do I have access to ManagementDirect?

ManagementDirect is included within our membership offering.  You can check the status of your membership by contacting: or call +44 (0)1536 207307.