Mental Health & Wellbeing

Take control of your and your team's wellbeing

Now is the time for making allowances, being kind, and making sure you can spot the signs of stress in yourself and your team. This page is here to act as a resource for managers and leaders to help you step up and support in these unprecedented times.

It's ok to not be ok

The pandemic has exacerbated stress in the workplace, so how do we manage our own mental health and spot the signs in those around us? Listen to what our expert panel had to say at our recent event.

72% of employees rate wellbeing as a top priority for management
1 in 5 students have a diagnosed mental health problem

Only 4 in 10 employers have a formalised mental health and wellbeing strategy

Resources and Insights

Practical tools and tips for supporting yourself and your team.

Here are some tools, tips and templates that offer practical advice for adapting and managing change. A few key resources on other sites have been listed to the right, while CMI's own resources can be found linked below.

You can find more insights and resources on our Covid-19 Page.

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Topic: Personal Development

“I was finally being recognised for my speciality”

Chartered Manager of the Week Emma Bell-Davies CMgr: “It showed me that I was worthy of something”

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Topic: Personal Development

“CMI gave me the confidence to stand up and say I was good enough”

Chartered Manager of the Week Renee Raper CMgr FCMI: “I use CMI as my quality standard”

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Topic: Equality and Diversity

How should managers role-model inclusion in their workplaces?

Practical steps managers can take to build teams where every member feels valued and understood, according to three CMgrs

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Topic: Productivity

Chronic pain is costly to both its sufferers and the wider economy. How can managers help?

Managers’ role in making reasonable adjustments and building a culture of understanding

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Topic: Support and Wellbeing

Extended absences: How do you support a team member back to work?

Managers need to consider the nuances of welcoming individuals back following a long absence

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Topic: Productivity

Five tips on modern management from the FT’s careers editor

Isabel Berwick’s tips for managers in the modern workplace

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Topic: Gender

“It starts with trust”: How to make your tech company more inclusive

Women still face a host of barriers when joining or progressing through emerging sectors. Here’s how you can help dismantle

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Topic: Productivity

Paws for thought: are pets at work good for productivity?

The CMI community have their say on furry friends for hybrid workers

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The Better Managers Manual

Managing the New Normal

The #BetterManagers Manual offers a practical guide to navigating the impacts of Covid-19 for managers and leaders.

To support managers and leaders as they navigate this crisis - both for themselves and for those they manage - we have assembled a set of tried-and-tested tools and resources brought together through five key themes: flexible working; crisis management; mental health and wellbeing; the new employment landscape; and good governance.

Download the manual