Working mums are a ‘formidable resource’ in the workplace, here’s why

News by Cilla Snowball, 17 NOV 2016

Find out what former professional manager cover star and group chairman and group CEO of Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO Cilla Snowball has to say about the importance of supporting mothers in the workplace (and how it can help your business flourish)

Today, I wear two hats. One as leader of a communications business and the other as Chairman of the Women's Business Council.

You could actually call it three hats as I am also a working mum, with three grown up children.

Wearing hat one as leader of a business, I have been lucky to work in and now run a business that supports pregnant women and working mothers, and fathers too.

And you have to remember that change comes from the top.

Across our group, three out of the four CEOs running the group companies are female, two are parents and one is pregnant and recently promoted.

Pregnancy and maternity is no barrier to promotion. In fact in my case, my career took off when I became a mother because I found a new level of confidence, contentment and perspective, supported by my organisation. And I have three happy, grown up kids to show for it, hat three.

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