Apprentice of the Year

Celebrating Management Apprentices who are making a difference

The CMI Apprentice of the Year award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of an apprentice who has successfully applied their learning in the workplace to the advance themselves, their organisation and the community around them.

Our 2021 Shortlisted Entries

Our shortlisted entries for the Apprentice of the Year Award have now been announced, take a look at the shortlist below.

Deepak Ravindran
Henley Business School
Joanna Sanders v2
Joanna Sanders
Exeter College
Rachel Donoghue
Rachel Donoghue

About the Award

CMI Awards of Excellence recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals who are making a positive impact on their course, in the workplace, or other management and leadership settings to advance themselves, their organisation and the community around them.

The Apprentice of the Year Award celebrates individuals making a difference, whether through their academic studies, community or within the wider CMI Community.

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Event Timeline
1st July 2021 Shortlist announced
November 2021 Winner announced

The 2020 Award winner…

Anthony Collins, Apprentice of the Year Winner 2020
Anthony Collins FCMI

Operations Manager, Veolia

The 2020 Apprentice of the Year Award winner is Anthony Collins. Anthony, an Operations Manager at Veolia, studied their apprenticeship through Dudley College of Technology. We are proud to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of Anthony who has used his apprenticeship and the skills learned to develop personally, professionally and the wider community.

I've never been so shocked! The course has changed me completely. My mindset has flipped 180 degrees; it went from ‘you will’ to ‘can you?’

I left school in 1984 with very few qualifications. I chose to join the Armed Forces and spent nine years in the Army Air Corps as ground crew, then I joined the waste industry, where I’ve been for around 20 years. I had to retake my English and Maths exams to complete the course, because I didn't have anything when I left school.

CMI’s course has made me look at both myself and the way that other people manage staff. I believe now that you should never look down on somebody, but should give them a hand up. My new management style is all about empowering my staff to come up with ideas.

I would tell anybody, if they have the opportunity to do a CMI course, get on board. What you learn about yourself is so profound.