CMI Malaysia member shortlisted for CMI Outstanding Student of the Year Award

27th June 2022

Norharizan Hussain ACMI is one of the three shortlisters for the CMI Outstanding Student of the Year Award 2022. The award recognises a high level of academic attainment, plus dedication to their course and to their own personal and professional development.

Norharizan began her career as a supervisor of an operation support team for the first few Marrybrown Fried Chicken outlets in 1989 – and she rose up, launching her first ever business as franchisee operator of Marrybrown Fried Chicken in a number of locations in Malaysia.

Never wanting to quit growing and improving herself, Norharizan ventured back to academia by obtaining a degree in Business Administration at Universiti Utara Malaysia after 8 years of running her businesses. Her thirst for learning never stopped there as she pursued her MBA 2 years after obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree.

Congratulations, Norharizan!