Digital transformation

The essentials for making it right

The volatility of the pandemic forced businesses to become more agile – technological efficiency, business agility and enhanced security are vital for organisational survival in New Normal. We’ll have to keep learning and adapting to new technologies and working practices emerge. Partnering with a trusted adviser is a prudent step to fast-tracking technology enablement. Businesses should aim for a balance of efficiency and growth. Maximizing investments in technology will continue to be a major consideration, as businesses should be ready for the new world that will soon pick up momentum. Some of the other important considerations are as follows:

  • Focusing on eCommerce Intensifying Mobile adoption
  • Drawing up a “pivot plan” for technology transformation
  • Creating an organisational digital culture for a connected, hyper-digital future
  • Modernising the IT infrastructure and adopting cutting-edge technologies
  • Cultivating technology agility & resilience at multiple business levels

Sajith de Silva FCMI, was previously the 1st Vice President of CMI Sri Lanka, and is the CEO and director of eBEYONDS Pvt Ltd, a world-renowned IT Solutions Company, and also a director of a few other corporate entities.