Higher Education during Uncertain Times

What educational leaders need to consider to remain relevant and sustainable

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the higher education industry, its scale is still not fully understood. It has exacerbated the working conditions and environments in which universities operate and has created a shock to the education system. As a result, universities are coming under tremendous financial pressure and are faced with disruptive forces - it is therefore inevitable that they must re-imagine and re-invent themselves as demand for new forms of knowledge, teaching and learning emerge.

It is uncertain to what extent education as usual will resume. Given the uncertainty, higher-education leaders are faced with questions about the medium and long-term implications of organisation behaviour, teaching and learning, the student experience and external stakeholder management.

During this digital event the CMI Malaysia Regional Board hosted a distinguished panel of Vice Chancellors from leading universities who considered what higher education leaders and policymakers should be thinking about and how best to manage the problem of how to stay relevant and sustainable.

You can view the event now.