The Power of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Business Strategies for Success

October 2023

On 10th October CMI's Asia-Pacific Regional Boards came together to deliver an insightful diversity & inclusion themed digital event.

“If you don’t create a diverse and inclusive team, you’ll have a weaker team than the competition. So it’s got to be a central business strategy.” - Gary Coombe, CEO, Global Grooming Business at Procter & Gamble

According to research from PwC, organisations with greater gender diversity are 1.4 times more likely to experience sustained profitable growth. Additionally, an analysis conducted by the Boston Consulting Group across 8 countries showed a strong and significant correlation between the diversity of management teams and overall innovation. In fact, companies that reported above-average diversity on their management teams had innovation revenue that was 19 percentage points higher than that of companies with below-average leadership diversity - 45% of total revenue versus just 26%. So, how and why does a diverse team impact productivity and revenue?

This digital event explored the impact of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) on businesses, drawing on research like CMI’s ‘The Everyone Economy Report', and looked at how implementing ED&I initiatives can help develop people and capabilities, foster innovation, build a thriving workplace culture, and create a more successful business.

You can view the event now.