EPA Toolkit

Keeping your journey on track

The End Point Assessment (EPA) toolkit aims to provide end-to-end apprentice support, covering everything from programme design to certification. CMI has worked with a number of partners to ensure guidance information is relevant and informative. All the documents and forms are designed to provide guidance and are not mandated forms.

For more information, or if you have any questions relating to the EPA updates, please contact our team on 01536 207357 or email epa@managers.org.uk.

Start with the End in Mind

Our EPA support has been designed with the end in mind, so we make sure you get the right support and guidance throughout your journey to be successful in your EPA. For information on the Apprenticeship Standard, pre-delivery information, gateway requirement and the EPA process.

Quick Access Templates

The below templates are the key documents providers will need to deliver the management apprenticeships. You will need your login details to access these files. If you have any queries, or problems accessing, please contact the team at epa@managers.org.uk.