Academic Engagement


Developing your capability.

What is it?

  • Put your staff in the best possible position to be champions of great leadership and management for your students, to ensure that students extract maximum value from the CMI partnership, and to develop their own capabilities
  • Premium networking opportunities to develop your leaders’ skills and refresh knowledge with the latest thinking
  • Access to the latest CMI’s research
  • Accrediting your internal development programmes for your staff.



  • Enhancing your staff development offer and ability to recruit and retain those who will play a key role in your university’s success.


  • Your learners will receive an excellent teaching experience that will drive up engagement, and invest in their development
  • Drive value for money that students invest in their education.

Your Leaders

  • Gain tools and techniques to save their time
  • Opens new pathways to enhancing your professional reputation
  • Professional development of teaching staff drives teaching quality.

*Faculty that teaches management within their programmes.

*95% of our Partners say the partnership has had a positive impact on staff engagement.

*HE Partner satisfaction Survey
CMI, June 2016

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