CMI has named the best management books of 2019

21 February 2019 -

MBOYThe category winners for CMI Management Book of the Year 2019 have been announced

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Insights from CEOs and tips on running a successful start-up are just two of the topics covered in the books that have made the final shortlist for CMI Management Book of the Year. Organised by CMI in partnership with the British Library, and sponsored by Henley Business School, the popular non-fiction awards celebrate the best management advice and leadership thinking.

The four titles beat over 160 other entries to claim prizes in the following categories: Practical Manager, Aspiring Leaders, Management Futures, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The overall winner of the contest will be named in May 2019 and its author will receive a prize of £5,000.

CMI CEO Ann Francke has congratulated the authors, stating that the books offer “valuable advice” on how to manage and lead in changing times.” She says: “At a time when trust and confidence in business and political leaders is in short supply, we need books like these to drive up the quality of management and leadership.”

Here’s what you should be reading this year.

The Management Book of the Year category winners

Book category: Practical Manager

What the judges were looking for: The entry that offers the best practical and accessible insights or guidance to help inspire managers in their work or professional development.

Winner: The CEO Next Door, Elena Botelho, Kim Powell & Tahl Raz (Penguin Random House)

Featuring pioneering research from over 2,600 leaders from ghSMART's database of CEOs, this book provides advice on career progression and how to overcome hidden barriers. It contains real life stories from CEOs and boardrooms, and highlights the personality traits of successful leaders.

The judges said: “This thoroughly readable book provides an in-depth assessment of the practical skills that future CEOs will require.” Paul Taylor CMgr FCMI, consultant

Book category: Aspiring Leader

What the judges were looking for: The entry that is most useful to new managers or those with management ambitions in accelerating their skills development and providing inspiration.

Winner: Myths of Leadership, Jo Owen (Kogan Page)

Drawing on international business case studies, leadership theory and insightful interviews, this book debunks management misconceptions. Written by leadership author and social entrepreneur Jo Owen, this book is an invaluable guide for new managers.

The judges said: “Amongst the hundreds of excellent books about leadership this one is particularly suited to early career leaders.” Dr Stephen Ellis CMgr MCMI, associate dean of the faculty of business and management at Regent’s University, London

Book category: Management Futures

What the judges were looking for: The entry that offers valuable insights into the future of management and the world of work, providing managers with the skills or knowledge to prepare them for change.

Winner: Factfulness, Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund (Hodder & Stoughton)

Radical and revelatory, this book works to challenge our world view. Asking questions about global trends, including poverty and population levels, Factfulness highlights the importance of embracing facts – and the instincts that distort our perspectives.

The judges said: “This is a hugely important topic and there cannot be enough attention drawn to our cognitive biases.” Professor Karin S. Moser PhD SFHEA FCMI, professor of organisational behaviour at London South Bank University

Book category: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What the judges were looking for: The entry that best inspires innovation, encourages business or product development, or supports organisational development and adaptability.

Winner: Make Elephants Fly, Steven Hoffman (Little Brown Book Group)

Make Elephants Fly provides an in-depth look at the processes behind successful Silicon Valley start-ups. From identifying new ideas to structuring innovative teams, this book is a must-read for new and established leaders alike.

The judges said: “This is a comprehensive, very readable book that examines both ‘tiny changes’ as well as radical innovations – hence the intriguing title. It is full of practical ideas, tools, guidance, advice and insight, offering something to every manager and leader.” Philip Crisp CMgr FCMI CMC FIC, founding director of Development Professionals Ltd

The Management Book of the Year 2019 will be announced at Kensington Palace on 15 May 2019. The MBOTY awards are sponsored by Henley Business School. For more information about the awards, click here.

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