Five things to consider when giving feedback to sensitive staff

Written by Caroline Roberts Tuesday 25 July 2023
Some people struggle with receiving constructive criticism. Delivering feedback to some team members requires a careful and considered – but honest – approach. Here’s how to do it
A person with their head in their hands as their manager talks to them

We all feel anxiety over the quality of our work from time to time. Ever lost sleep over the one small thing that went wrong in a project rather than focusing on all the things that went right? For some people, this is a constant state of being. 

Highly sensitive people (HSPs), according to the psychologist that coined the term, Elaine Aron, make up around 15–20% of the population. HSPs are often strongly empathetic with highly developed social skills, but they can find certain environments overstimulating, can be easily overwhelmed and emotionally sensitive. 

On top of this, the changes brought about by Covid-19 and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has increased the prevalence of anxiety and depression by 25% globally, according to World Health Organisation data. This has, in turn, increased the levels of emotional sensitivity in the workforce, with managers having to tread a fine line when it comes to delivering feedback. 

Want to discover five tips for delivering feedback?


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