CMI Highlights – 5 April 2023

Wednesday 05 April 2023
New newsletter to propel your PD! And: CMI Women lineup confirmed; Ann Francke on handling critical feedback
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Dear all,

Our data tells us that the CMI community is focused on having the right leadership capabilities to achieve results and manage risk and resources in a changing workplace.

Informed by these insights, we’ve made some changes to your CMI newsletter. Each edition will now explore a segment of CMI’s Professional Standard. Alongside CMI’s new Management Diagnostic tool, this will help you to identify and supplement any gaps in your management skillset and propel your continuing professional development. We will of course continue to provide in-depth analysis of the latest changes and developments in management thinking.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new approach – we’d love your feedback! 

Prioritising the environment

In April we’re looking in-depth at the core of the Professional Standard – “Being an ethical and inclusive leader” – and, within that, “Prioritising the environment” (also the theme of CMI’s latest member magazine).

Some new stories we’re releasing: 

Plus, check out one of our most popular articles, Sustainability lessons from Formula 1

Other ways CMI is improving skills and training

CMI research shows that companies that invest in management and leadership development programmes see an average 23% increase in organisational performance. As Dr Fiona Aldridge writes, the potential economic benefits of investing in these skills for regions such as the West Midlands “could be considerable”.

CMI has been working with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in the development of its EDI strategy and toolkit. This aims to support employers to embed EDI into decision-making on occupational standards, apprenticeships and technical qualifications and build a skills system that allows everyone, regardless of their background, to access high-quality training.

Ann Francke on handling critical feedback

In her latest column for The Times, CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke discusses how to deliver critical feedback. Many people are very sensitive, so this needs careful handling. Read her full article here.

Vote now!

With National Pet Day coming up, we’re canvassing managers’ opinions: should pets be allowed in the office? Find some food for thought here and cast your vote in our LinkedIn poll here.

Inclusivity issues

Five years on from the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting, a CMI Managers Voice poll found that only 17% of managers believe their organisation is using gender pay gap data to make positive changes. This only underscores the importance of managers and leaders championing issues such as the gender pay gap in the workplace. 

The upcoming CMI Women conference will tackle this, along with some of the other challenges around creating an inclusive future. 

Excitingly, the expert lineup for the conference has now been confirmed: joining Ann Francke OBE CMgr CCMI, Adam Marshall CBE CMgr CCMI and Alice Maynard CBE will be inspirational speakers Paul Sessay, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox CMgr CCMI and Fiona Dawson CBE CMgr CCMI. Learn more (and reserve your spot) here!

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