The Little Perks of Working From Home…

Written by Rosie Gailor Friday 20 March 2020
While these working changes will cause many of us stress or anxiety, there are some fun ways we can try to make the best of the situation
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Spring may be dragging its heels, many of us may be stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us are feeling mentally frazzled by the events of this week.

And yet! The human spirit is a wonderful thing, and we can find the silver lining most places we look. Here are some of the surprisingly nice benefits of mandatory remote working.

No Commute

Arguably the most enjoyable part of working from home is not having to commute. For some of us, that gives us back around two hours of our day. Whether you choose to lie in, exercise, or use the extra time in the evening to enjoy a hobby, this added time is definitely a perk.One person we spoke is using his regular commute time as his new running time.

Better Lunches

So, you forgot your packed lunch again? No worries, you’re in the comfort of your own home. You can heat up as much fish in the microwave as you like – something you could never do at work! – and not have to wolf down a soggy sandwich from the local shop.

Your Favourite Song

At work, you may lose brownie points by playing the ABBA Gold album on repeat for four hours – but not at home! There’s been a rise in mood-boosting song recommendations, and many are even creating collaborative Spotify playlists for their flatshares so everyone gets a chance to play DJ. You can even check out the #BetterManagers stress-busting playlist here. Why not request a song by tweeting us and using the #BetterManagers hashtag?

Relaxed Communication

One person we spoke to said that to lighten the mood with her team, she’s introduced a ‘Daily Meme’ that she sends around each morning. Her team is invited to find and share their own, and she says it’s a great way for people to still get a sense of comradery from afar.

Home Comforts

What better way to de-stress than having a cuddle with your pet? Studies have shown that spending time with your furry (or scaly!) loved one can reduce stress levels and provide emotional support. Why not even bring them into your video conferences? Not only will it lighten the mood, others may want to bring their home companion into the call!

No Formal Clothing

While we do recommend getting dressed as part of your usual routine, working from home does mean that you can wear slightly more relaxed attire. We do recommend adhering to your usual morning routine, though, as getting dressed in the morning can help to put you in a work mindset. Also, however comfortable it sounds to stay in pyjamas all day, it blurs the lines between your work and home mentality - not to mention you may get called into a video call!

One person we spoke to loved that she could do various ‘life admin’ activities like putting on a load of washing during the day, instead of eating up her evening or weekend time.

Discovering a New Hobby

While we all love a Netflix binge now and then, if we’re doing it everyday it can lose its pleasure. Why not catch up on the book you’ve been meaning to read, the instrument that’s been gathering dust or, as CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke recommends, use this time to start a structured learning programme or put yourself through the Chartered Manager process? Now’s as good a time as any.

Check out our tips on making working from home work for you, or our article on looking after your mental health during a crisis.

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