Collective coaching: Transforming leadership – together

Written by Annie Makoff-Clark Tuesday 14 November 2023
Collective coaching encourages attendees to learn from each others’ experiences and develop their own coaching style. And unlike team or group coaching, it uses diverse perspectives to tackle workplace problems
A group of people partaking in a coaching session

Regardless of who you are or where you work, there will be times when the challenges and pressures you face simply feel insurmountable. But often the key to solving our problems is right there under our nose – in the unique experience and perspective of our peers. 

Take the story of Gemma (this name has been changed for confidentiality), who found herself working in an extremely toxic environment, with one colleague in particular causing her a lot of stress

Initially, Gemma was determined to stick it out, not wanting to let her colleague ‘win’. But her peers coached her to look at the issue differently. Who was really winning if she left the organisation? What was more important: happiness or pride? 

Eventually, Gemma came up with an exit plan and moved on. She now holds a more senior role in a different organisation where she is much happier. 

Gemma was one of the attendees at a recent collective coaching course ran by #YesSheCan, an initiative supporting women to break the glass ceiling. Here, a group of people at similar stages in their career coached each other through their professional problems, with the support of a trained facilitator.

“The group Gemma attended was fantastic and everyone really supported each other to grow and develop as individuals,” says Sophie Turner, founder of #YesSheCan.   

Want to learn more about the power of collective coaching?


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