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Topic: Workplace Culture

Managing Insecurity Report – The Role of Good Management

Learn more about managers and insecure work in this research report into secure work.

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Topic: Support and Wellbeing

How to support your staff with caring responsibilities

Three in five people in the UK will care for someone at some point in their lives. Here’s what managers need to consider

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Topic: Workplace Culture

Better Management Report: Take Responsibility, Take Action

This report explores the impact of good management and consequences of bad management.

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Topic: Personal Development

“Good managers make a lot happen out of a little”

How a lockdown diversion turned into a global social enterprise. The remarkable story of Alka Bohorun CMgr FCMI and BH40

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Topic: Personal Development

How to think like a data scientist

Managers can improve the way they handle and interpret data by learning the tricks of this very specialist trade

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Topic: Personal Development

Data vs gut: the great decision making debate

As the world becomes more data-driven, should you be prioritising data over your gut when decision making?

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Topic: Personal Development

CMI’s Next Top Models (for effective decisions)

Explore some of the key models, theories and techniques to make your decision making more effective

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Topic: Crisis Management

The anatomy of a big decision

“It was the biggest decision of my life.” We dissect two managers’ most critical decisions

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Topic: Change Management

Should you honour the decisions of previous leadership?

Faced with the choice of making your mark or sticking with the status quo – what is a manager to do?

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Topic: Time Management

Working while studying? Here’s six practical time management tips

Two CMI students share their tried-and-tested tips to avoid procrastinating and balance your work and studies

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Topic: Employment Landscape

Can better management and leadership nurse the NHS back to health?

Some people say the problem with the NHS is too many managers, but might one answer actually be to boost their capabilities?

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Topic: Equality and Diversity

Embedding EDI as KPIs: The organisations using inclusion metrics as performance indicators

How do we make equality, diversity and inclusion a measurable goal? One CMgr has found a way

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