Why you dont need to interview job applicants and other recruitment tips

Monday 07 March 2016

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart ditched the face-to-face interview for three of its recent hires. Insights looks at this recruitment innovation and 6 other ways you can ensure you hire the right candidates for your business.

After sifting through hundreds of CVs and cover letters, interviews are often one of the final, yet critical, parts of the hiring process, whereby managers come face-to-face with their prospective new employee.

And with nearly half of British businesses anticipating that finding the new talent they need will be very difficult in the coming years, the importance of recruiting the right staff is sky-high.

But some companies are doing away with the traditional application process and taking a new (and novel) approach to selecting their future employees.

Tech company Flipkart has made the bold move to dump the interview process to find a less time-consuming and more objective alternative, with the Indian e-commerce giant hiring three graduates from Udacity’s Android Developer Nanodegree programme without interviewing any of them.