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Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Monday 14 March 2022

There is no doubt about it, life has its ups and downs. We will often have to face unpredictable and unprecedented challenges, but it is how you make decisions and deal with the obstacles presented to you that is most important.
Effective decision-making allows you to open your mind and deepens your awareness of the kinds of problems we face. It often means letting go of old habits and the idea that it is always the role of leaders to supply answers and certainty.

In this session...

During this digital event, The University of Glasgow, The Adam Smith Business School and CMI Scotland will come together for this exclusive discussion of decision making in times of uncertainty. We are joined by host Renee Raper, CMI Scotland Board Chair, Neil Ebberson, Director of Operations, UKSAR, Bristow Helicopters, Moira Fischbacher-Smith, Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning and David McLaughlin, ChMC Assessment Manager, CMI.

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