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Shining a Light on Funding and Finance

Wednesday 22 September 2021

During 2021, the series has been exploring the role of leadership in building the future of Wales and we are talking to academics, business leaders and subject matter experts with each panel session honing in on a particular focus area. According to entrepreneurs, three areas of an entrepreneurial ecosystem are of pivotal importance – human capital/workforce, accessible markets and funding and finance. We also recently held a supplementary webinar with Prof Brian Morgan on how entrepreneurs can apply a leadership mindset.
This session will shine a light on funding and finance and will examine which pillars of an ecosystem matter most to entrepreneurs when it comes to growth of their companies, and how important learning and developing effective leadership skills supports this.
Our findings will be collected in a manifesto that we plan to submit to the Senedd at the end of the year. This will aim to highlight potential alignment issues with government that can have a positive and negative impact on how entrepreneurial companies gain access to new markets, become scale-able high-growth businesses and improve their leadership selves.

In this session...

Be a voice that makes a difference by joining our final webinar in this series on Wednesday 22nd September. Your questions will be put to the panel and we will also ask you to participate in a couple of polls and will ask our expert panel to comment on the results.
This is a joint digital event with GlobalWelsh whose mission is to help Wales prosper, to bring about new connections, opportunities and ideas that will enrich the lives of Welsh people all over the world.

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