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The Future of the Workplace in the “New Normal”

Thursday 24 June 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has tested our ‘traditional’ approach to working, including where, when, and how this work is done. Some have embraced this new approach and others not so much. Technology has both helped and hindered this change, so as we move into the ‘new, new normal’. In this digital event, Hendrik Johnsson, Managing Director Information at Proman will be joined by James Ball, Partner at Oaklin and Katie Kelly, Change Management Consultant at Oaklin, to discuss the above and share their predictions for the future of the workplace.

In this digital event...


  • Has the rapid shift to remote working has set back the business case for digital collaboration tools?
  • Has remote working and the COVID experience has made it easier for organisations to quickly embed change?
  • Will the next generation of digital collaboration tools need to be much more human centric?

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